How to buy Zenzele data online

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If you have used up your free monthly data allocation you can purchase more data online. For online purchases you have the following payment options available:

List of Payfast payment methods

If you are connected to the Zenzele network via a hotspot or if you are not on the Zenzele network you can access the screen to buy vouchers at .  You will see a screen that looks like the one below that has the voucher purchase options displayed:

You will see this in your browser if you have run out of free data

To buy data you must select the voucher from the list that you want to buy. In this example we will select the ‘Hotspot 100’ voucher by clicking on it.

Purchase Hotspot Voucher screen

You will have to enter your email address and your mobile phone number into the two boxes and then click the ‘Purchase via Payfast’ button. You will be shown a screen that looks like the one below. It lists the choices of payment methods you can use.

Choose payment method screen

You can choose the payment method you wish to use from the list above. In this example we will look at the Credit or Cheque card option. When you click the button you will be shown a screen allowing you to enter your card details. It looks like the screen below:

Enter card details and Pay form

You enter your card details into the form and click the big red button to begin the payment process. You will probably be redirected to your card issuers security screen to enter an OTP after that, and then you will be redirected back to the hotspot login screen which looks like this:

The hotspot login screen

You should check your SMS and your email for a message sent from Zenzele which will have your Zenzele voucher code and PIN in it. See the images below for examples of what they will look like:

Example SMS with voucher details

Example Email with voucher details

Both messages will contain the same voucher and PIN details. Enter the voucher and PIN into the boxes on the login form to activate your voucher. Note that you can only activate the voucher when you are connected to the Zenzele network via one of out hotspots. Once you have successfully logged in you will be shown the connected status page and you will be free to browse the internet.

Voucher internet status page