About us

Zenzele is a member of Africanopy, a fully BBBEE telecoms company which was the recipient of South Africa’s first ever Television White Space test licence awarded by ICASA. Africanopy provides low cost internet to rural and peri-urban communities with the objective of improving access to education and job creation.

“We see the provision of internet access to rural and low-income communities as a key vehicle for the delivery of education and essential human rights like social interaction and financial inclusion.”

Andile Ngweba, Africanopy CEO.

Zenzele was borne out of the urgent need to provide South Africans vulnerable to Covid-19 with internet. Our initial roll-out is earmarked for schools in communities in KZN and the Western Cape with imminent plans to include Eastern Cape schools.

In the community

Zenzele means ‘do it yourself’. We exist to empower all South Africans through world class telecommunications. Zenzele is working to provide a mix of free and low-cost network coverage in remote areas with all the accompanying social and economic upliftment benefits communication, education and healthcare creates.

We are very happy that Zenzele is offering our communities free internet during this Covid-19 crisis. It means that people can access important information and can communicate freely in this challenging time.

Mayor of eMhlatuzi


We want to provide you with low cost calling and internet, so that you can more easily earn money, educate yourself and connect with others in your community:


Affordable data is essential in today’s world. We provide some of the best rates in South Africa.

Voice calls

Zenzele also offers discounted voice calls that make it easy to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Value added services

We will soon launch products that make it possible for you to reduce your cost of voice and data even further. Look out for an exciting announcement soon!